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Awesome video despite your skewed perception of history.

teaandcheese responds:

Fair point :D


I enjoyed. The intro was pretty long but it kept me watching. The animation style was pretty cool too with the MOSTLY black and white. Can't wait for more episodes. Also the mild humor you threw in there was funny and clever I guess it was good. Basically it was an overall good job.

No not really.

I guess it was good for your first flash. I mean it wasn't awful like crap most people submit but it wasn't exactly good either. I mean a major part of any flash submission is sound/music and your lack of that makes it....well not as good.

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Cool but....

A couple problems. First, it's really annoying when you walk into things and like the entire thing shakes. Also I clicked home and selected sleep and this black screen came up with clouds and it just played annoying music over the music already playing and never ended. I just sat there with the black screen and nothing happened. I don't know what thats about.

Frankmank responds:

I apologize to everyone having this issue, it's fixed, it was targeting a different frame when I added the preloader, again, sorry.

Very fun game.

Challenging. The rules were a little difficult to understand(which is why I only gave 9/10) but it still kept me playing. I think the hardest levels were 40 and 49........Which i never did get past (Lvl. 49) My score there was 444 which i hope is pretty good. Also the soothing music was an amazing element to the game it kept me relaxed and not frustrated. A very good choice in music. Ummmmm so yeah I think thats about it! A pretty good puzzle game you have here. Its pretty rare to find good puzzle games these days but I'm glad to see that some game creators are still using thier brains. It takes a lot of thought into making games like this and i see that youve done that. Well now this is a REALLY long review i think I'll just be done.


I really liked this a lot. After playing them all, i think my favorite level weaponless. In fact, i think i would like this game more if you had that sword instead of the gun......but thats just my opinion

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Holy fuck this is good

Lost-in-Translation responds:

Hey Erik, this is Tory, Thx brah:D

Very very nice.

I'm teaching myself how to play piano at the moment. Experience on the vibraphone and other instruments is helping quite a a lot =P but i find my self developing a style very similar to your own. Anyway i was wondering. Do you fool around a bit with what your gonna do before you record or do you just go straight into it? either way its most impressive

Wow Tory.

Great job! I think you've reached a new high in musical talents. I really love the song. It flows nicely.

Kuma-AKA responds:

Thx Erik! I've been getting better at playing different chords an stuff together, and I wanted to test it out. This is one of my favorites of all my acoustic compositions. Btw I used alot more different chords than usual. I think six or seven.

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Wow this is totally awesome! Love the color its so trippy. i wish I had dreams like yours! Wow. ;D

I play drums; my band used to submit our music under this account name, now I'll probably do some solo work on this account. I have a small studio setup in my garage I like to longboard, play music, do art, graffiti (stickers) whatever comes my way

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